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Over the last few years, we have come across several stories of how the internet has impacted lives. The narratives, especially from rural India and non-metros, have been nothing short of revolutionary.

Whether it is the way technology has made healthcare and government facilities more accessible, how Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities’ population is carrying out business, making payments or doing online shopping, we have come a long way!

Another considerable impact has been the digitization of education. Here, we are witnessing a growing number of students and job seekers (some without any formal education) who are using educational apps to acquire new skills, in order to become employable.

One such story is of Supriya M from Mysore in Karnataka:

“As soon as I finished my diploma (in Computer Science and Engineering) from a Polytechnic College, I started looking for a job. But I did not seem to have the requisite skills, which most companies were looking for,” said Supriya.

She further added, “I signed up for a Computer Programming course in EOC (Education On Cloud), based on a friend’s recommendation. In this course, I learnt Core Java, C Language, C++ Language as well as Visual Basic For Application (VBA). When I added these skills on my resume, I immediately started getting contacted by recruiters for relevant job opportunities.”

Not only are EOC courses economical, user-friendly and easily accessible, but the platform is also multilingual.

Supriya plans to enrol for more courses, including Soft Skills and Digital Marketing in the future.